As we prepare for our trip to Austria to compete in the World Games during the Special Olympics,  we are so grateful for the support of not only our extended family and newfound friends that are going with us, but also for the community that is rallying around us and offering support in a variety of ways.  It is very exciting to meet new people on our weekly journey and we like to share through photos, all the great things going on.   

Events / News

A different kind of card party!  The 'kids' on the team had the idea to make and decorate "Save the Date"  postcards to promote their big fundraiser, the Olympic Gala, taking place February 9, 2017.  They are amazing and doing everything they can to raise the money to make the trip to Austria. They only see the possible!


Our team of athletes was treated to a shopping spree courtesy of Finish Line in Beachwood! What an amazing afternoon they had thanks to store manager, Antonio, and his team. They awarded each special olympian $100 to spend and also gave each a personalized card and cupcakes! Of course the kids wanted... new shoes to dance in!  We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to Finish Line as well as to Lynnmarie and Rikke at Deepwood for referring us. Just look at those smiles!!! 

Team Potluck & Movie Night! We spend a lot of time on the dance floor at practice, we thought it would be fun to host a Friday night family get-together. We had the perfect movie to watch, The Peanuts Movie, as the Dance Does It Team will be dancing to a song from the movie when they compete in Austria!  Everyone had a great time and after the movie, they ended with some dancing!